Just Be

I’ve been thinking about Lady Gaga all day. It all started with a dream I had last night in which she somehow gave me two diseases. I’m sure that Gaga doesn’t have any diseases, yet she’s infected my mind all day. There’s just something about her that is calling out to me and it surpasses her music.

I was a big Gaga fan before she became a mainstream pop obsession. I loved Gaga in small doses at my own time and treasured her music as a personal possession. Now I share her with the world, and she’s not even the same person she was a year ago when I “had” her.

From over the top glammed out couture to Kermit the Frog dates to rumors about being a hermaphrodite, Lady Gaga is just everywhere and on everyone’s minds in one way or another. Some think she’s psychotic and attention hungry while others think she’s a genius. But how I feel about her right now is a bit different. I just feel her.

At the conclusion of a day that was Gaga-ized, I just want to put on a wig, become someone else, and be free. That’s what Lady Gaga really is- the persona of freedom. Free to be anything you want to be.

And while I’ll never be Lady Gaga, I can be whoever I decide to be. And that’s fine with me.



  1. E · September 29, 2009

    nicely said!

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