Someone Has To Say It

Hate is a strong word. But it’s not strong enough for what I feel towards Yankee fans. Yes, I hate Yankee fans and the arrogance that is permanently attached to them. Therefore, it’s only natural for me to hate everything that comes out of their mouths, including air.

1. “You’re just jealous.”

Seriously? I laugh at their ignorance. After all, they do support a team that has ruined the heart of baseball. Non-Yankee fans are NOT jealous, they’re just sick to their stomachs that an overpaid team of egotistical man-sluts are put on a pedestal and praised. They don’t deserve it. I don’t care how many games they win, they are not worthy. I’d rather my team (The Mets) end 22 games under.500 forever than sell their souls and be like the Nazi Bronx Bonkers.

2. “26 World Championships!”

Is that how high you can count to? Can you say, 1901? That’s when the Yankees came into existence, so they’ve had over 100 years to get those World Series titles, unlike most other baseball teams. And how many were you alive for? Probably 4- 1996, 1998, 1998, 2000.  Before that was 1978. (NOTE: the younger the Yankee fan, the more arrogant.) Stop living in the past! It’s 2009 now and the last time your team won the series was 9 years ago! We’ve had 2 wars since then and have seen our first African-America President. The era is over. Bringing up past wins is another desperate plea by fans to make themselves feel better about themselves. Because face it, the majority of Yankee “fans” are bandwagon fans that can’t tell you stats or the typical daily lineup of their own team, let alone anything about other teams in the majors. They’re just sheep in a herd trying to convince themselves that they are the best.

3. “We did it!”

No, you didn’t do anything. Do you play 162 regular season games per year? Are you on the field making plays or sleeping with whores off the field? Well, maybe yes to the latter. Yankee fans like to use “we” as if they played a part in a victory. Guess they can’t comprehend that all they did was cheer. God forbid a fan not be able to take credit for everything.

4. ” ”

Oh that’s right… they aren’t capable of saying anything else.

Well here’s my message to Yankee fans:


When Jesus hates you, you know it’s serious.

Author’s Note: Apologies to any real Yankee fan reader that doesn’t communicate their “support” in this manner. I’m sure a handful of fans that actually know the game, stats, and are capable of having an intelligent conversation without being disrespectful do exist. I just haven’t met any yet.

Let’s go Angels!


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