Richard Heene in Independence Day?

The aliens in outer space, or in our own backyard, are laughing at Richard Heene. Even they know his attempt to reach fame was pathetic. Really now, who plans a hoax that your son went flying off in a homemade spaceship balloon? Clearly not someone that is a good father.

While everyone is pointing out parenting flaws (which I agree with), there’s something else that strikes me about Mr. Heene. Doesn’t anyone else think he ironically looks like Bill Pullman? You know, the actor that played the President in Independence Day, which coincidentally was about aliens!

I find it not only ironic but down right comical. No wonder Heene went crazy. He must have seen the movie, thought he saw himself, and became determined to meet the aliens and either distribute peace, or bring them down.

Luckily no fighter jets were involved this time but anyone that builds UFO like balloons as a hobby has a bigger problem than spare time. And Falcon… what kind of name is that? Only celebrities are supposed to give their children unfortunate names. The fame and fortune makes up for a tease-able name. But a wanna-be mad scientist turned reality television craver is only causing his children additional years in therapy.

It’s horrible that time, money, and effort were all wasted on a hoax, but if Heene does think he’s Pullman’s twin, it’s gotta be laughed at.

Top: Heene
Bottom: Pullman


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