Everybody is a Critic

…. and it’s annoying.

Have you ever felt frustrated by people who will praise and glorify whatever they like but then when it comes to something that others like they love to belittle it? Yeah, those critics really need to zip it.

So what if you think Harry Potter is better than the Twilight Saga. No one cares about your opinion! And certainly don’t say things such as “I just don’t understand the Twilight fandom.” Good, don’t understand it. Stay away from my series!

Okay, I guess I have taken this all a little too personal. So what if I am a 22 year old that happens to love a book series aimed at 14 year olds? A love story surpasses all ages and demographics and that’s why I love Twilight. Harry Potter was alright. Well, the first 4.5 books at least. Order of the Phoenix was too dull for me to finish to comment on, but do I walk around chanting my opinions about Harry Potter?


I just wish for once that people could keep their judgments and critiques to themselves. You don’t have to like the series or the movies, but you don’t have to make that known either. Did you even read the books? Doubt it. So don’t judge before you know exactly what you’re talking about.

I pity those Twilight critics. Clearly they are heartless and incapable of understanding love, even if it’s supernatural.

Team Edward Forever!


One comment

  1. E · November 23, 2009

    its the fact that these people havent read the books, and theyre just judging what they see from the movies and dont understand the story from the books itself, so clearly they dont know what they are even stating sadly…in my eyes twilight has much more variety to keep you reading or watching unlike harry potter. people. everyone will always be a critic, but there is ways to shut them up!:)

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