No Love For NY

The state that has been my home for 22 years, which is also as long as I have been on this Earth, has disappointed me greatly. When the NY Senate voted against passing the gay marriage bill on Wednesday, I have never felt more ashamed to say I am a New Yorker. And that’s a large feat since I am not a Yankee fan and am disgusted that they are 2 boroughs away from me.

New York’s failure to step up and take a stand for equality really is just a reflection of what an unfair, cruel, and ignorant world we live in. Doesn’t anyone realize that history is repeating itself? Gays are the new African Americans and the denial of rights to all gay citizens is the same as not allowing African Americans to marry, own land, and even live next door to a white person.

I’m waiting for the government to say that gay people need to move to a select part of the country. I actually wish they would do that! At least then those communities would be full of understanding, love, and peace. Granted, red neck, right winged, religious extremists would probably plot to blow up the land. Remember, they’re hypocrites in every way.

“We must obey the Bible.”

….. the Bible preaches compassion and respect. You do not do that. The Bible says you can’t eat shellfish and I’m sure you all stock up on plenty of lobster and shrimp at the all you can eat buffet at Red Lobster. I’m sure the Bible clearly states that war and violent acts are unacceptable yet all these Republicans believe that war and the Ku Klux Klan are okay.

The Bible loosely states that marriage is between a man and a woman. It says no where that it’s between a man and a woman and another woman on the side. No one is saying “Take away Tiger Woods’, Josh Duhamel, and every other man that recently publicly cheated on his wife, right to marry.” Heterosexuals have destroyed the sacredness of marriage with their infidelity and divorce. Having gay people that actually WANT to get married do so isn’t going to damage marriage’s already tainted reputation.

It’s just despicable and I have no words to say. I am disappointed, ashamed, and down right disgusted at the world we live in. When will people start preaching love instead of hate?

Ps: Shame on you:

Joseph Addabbo
Darrel Aubertine
Ruben Diaz
Shirley Huntley
Carl Kruger
Hiram Monserrate
George Onorato
William Stachowski

What kind of Democrats are you if you vote no on a bill that would eliminate discrimination. SHAME ON YOU! I pray to God, (yes the God you claim prohibits homosexuality yet created gays that way), that you are replaced in the next election. You do NOT represent me or New York. You have failed your citizens

And as usual… shame on you narrow-minded Republicans. You need to think outside the box because seriously, your ideologies are as flawed as our last President.


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  1. E · February 3, 2010

    Ouch, I like it!

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