Prenuptial Agreement to Pay

With all the constant conversation about Tiger Woods’ numerous infidelities, it’s hard not to feel sympathy for his wife Elin Nordegren. Yet with reports releasing the details of their prenup it makes you wonder: was it even a marriage at all?

After the golf star married the Swedish nanny in 2004, she signed a prenup stating that after 10 years of marriage she would be given $20 million. Last time I checked, you’re not supposed to be getting paid just to be wed. Love is the only payment required.

Now with the affairs running ramped, Tiger is yet again using money in order to control keep his wife by his side; you know, “just to look good.” If Elin agrees to stay married she will instantly get $5 million. And if she stays with Tiger for another 7 years she will receive $80 million.

Yes, I said $80 million. That’s millions more than many people make in their lives, and about 4 times more than the top earning actor makes a year! But all that money comes at a price (aside from one’s dignity)- Elin can not speak to the press about the events that have transpired.

If it was me, I’d reject the money and his desperate pleas to look good. Why be with someone who has made a mockery out of you to the world? She should reject the offer and hit him with his own golf clubs. Is he worth all this drama? Sadly I’m sure she’ll accept because money talks. But money can’t buy you love.


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