Really… who is The Recording Academy?

Who or what on Earth is the Recording Academy that selects Grammy winners?

That has been something that has baffled me since I was an outraged teenager when Britney Spears or NSYNC didn’t win awards I thought they deserved.

Clearly record sales doesn’t = victory. Or nominations, since Susan Boyle was no where to be found. Clearly having 4 consecutive #1 hit singles off a debut album doesn’t = winning either. So what does and who says so?!

Did Lady GaGa not win Album of the Year because of her personality? Was Taylor Swift a safe choice? Granted, I think Ms. Swift is very talented and deserved the win, but GaGa deserved it more! After all, The Fame was THE album of 2009 that everyone listened to in one way or another.

We all know that the most successful movies aren’t always Oscar worthy. Yet at least we know that Academy is judging the films on their story, essence, cinematography, editing, and acting. But what does the Recording Academy judge on?

Whatever it is, I think they make a major error this year.


One comment

  1. E · February 3, 2010

    As sad as it was that “bye bye bye” was listed as MUSIC, the pop boy band still blew it out of the water with record sales, so what is the reason an artist or so called “artist”, wins a grammy?…clearly its not record sales! Just like everything else, its all politics! sorry GaGa maybe next year! She may be different, strange, but she deserved more than what she got….we all know why!

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