Is Betty White God?

I love Betty White.

I like to think Betty White loves me since she always brings a smile to my face.

When I was younger I was an avid fan of the Golden Girls. Years later I still watch the show and laugh at the antics on screen. Betty has been a fixture in my life since I was a little girl and seeing her get so much more public praise lately has overjoyed for her.

Sandra Bullock was great (like she always is), but Betty was the scene stealer in The Proposal last year. She’s been appearing on late night shows cracking jokes, walking the streets of Los Angeles like she owns them, and was granted a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Screen Actor’s Guild last month.

Betty can do no wrong. Which is making me wonder: Is this the face of God?

After all, she was able to turn into a young man during the Super Bowl. It’s not walking on water but it’s good enough.


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