Tiger Tweet Overload

For anyone living under a rock, Tiger Woods made his public apology today. Of course if you have ears and eyes you would have been overwhelmed with media coverage of the golf star’s attempt at making amends.

As if needing to apologize for despicable acts that shouldn’t have been committed in the first place isn’t pathetic enough, everyone and their mother has been reporting on it. My Twitter homepage was inundated with Tiger tweets ranging from what he said to if it was emotional enough even to his mother saying she is proud of him.

At the end of the day, his press conference could have been done on Twitter and would have had the same effect. I certainly would rather read tweets about what he said than actually watch him. Maybe I’m just biased because I think that his actions are unforgivable. No matter what he said in front of his chosen media reporters, nothing will change my opinion of him.

Seeing him constantly stare down at written words made it feel like his entire speech was purely scripted, as were the pictures of him jogging two days ago. How are people supposed to feel sorry for him and understand he’s human if he’s acting like a robot?

As weak as it might be, a Twitter apology for him might have been a better choice. No one could see his unemotional face reading unimpressive words. After all, that’s what John Mayer did last week after his own despicable choice of words regarding women.

What do you think: Are Twitter apologies the new trend for remorseful stars?


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