Are Men From Mars?

As a woman, there are certain things that I firmly believe in. Infidelity being a giant No-No is one of them. I never want to date a cheater, associate with cheaters, admire cheaters, or ever cheat myself.

Yet over this past week I have run into some, possible Martians, who firmly disagree. It appears that men have NO problem with Tiger Woods’ infidelity. They say to forget about it and focus on his golf. In the world I live in, his golf will never be the same because he is not the same! One woman could have been forgivable but over 10 is just down right disgusting.

To take things further, I’ve had online discussions with classmates who praise Alex Rodriguez and disregard his two forms of cheating- infidelity and steroid use. What kind of human being is admirable when they not only cheat on their wife but cheat thousands of fans by pretending to be a good baseball player?

Is it me or is something seriously wrong with this picture?

Men, or shall I say boys, are giving off the impression that behaving in such a way is acceptable. I think that they reason they act this way is because they probably have intentions of doing similar things and don’t want to feel guilty about it. But here’s my proposition to all the small minded man-children out there:

If your wife slept with 12 men other than you while married, would you stand by her?

If your wife lied to you and your children and kept secrets, would you be understanding?

If your wife started taking drugs, would you praise her?

…. I doubt it. Enough with the double standards! Men need to grow some brains and decency or move to Mars and leave Earth to the non-Barbaric people.


One comment

  1. Danielle · February 24, 2010

    Amen to that! Excellent point, the double standard is so engrained in our society that it can be subconscious–until it’s finally brought out by writers like you! Thank you!

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