Baseball Picks Up Where It Left Off

It’s the most wonderful time of the (sports) year!

Baseball Spring Training is in full swing now and while many people are probably saying “Didn’t it just end?” all fans are saying “Finally!”

And it wouldn’t be baseball if a scandal wasn’t already brewing. Alex Rodriguez sure knows how to keep people talking.

First, he dumps his girlfriend for the past 2.5 seconds and makes sure the media knows it wasn’t his fault. No, of course you’re not a male chauvinistic pig! She was just “clingy.”

Then he manages to get into a fender bender in his $400,000 Maybach that probably looks like this:

Only a single man with a $256 million contract would be driving this car. After all, do you see how big the back seat is? He can fit 5 girl-toys in there at once!

And most importantly, A-Rod is now being called in for questioning in regards to a shady Canadian doctor, Anthony Galea, who is under investigation for distributing performance-enhancing drugs. How fitting for A-Roid’s name to be attached to this doctor!

Now that scandal baseball is back, fans everywhere can cheer and be glad that Alex Rodriguez isn’t on their team. World Series win or not, who wants to be tainted with shame? Oh right, the Yankees do.


One comment

  1. E · March 3, 2010

    exactly! it just ended haha:)

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