Why Pretty Women Shouldn’t Be With Ugly Men

Okay, so I admit that sounds harsh and shallow. Yet after the two major Hollywood romance flops this week, and Tiger Woods resonating in the back of my mind, I think it’s safe to say such a statement.

Kate Winslet is a classy and beautiful woman. Winslet’s now ex-husband Sam Mendes was 10 years older than her and didn’t really level out in the looks department. Rumors that he was cheating on Kate don’t help his cause either. Even if work was the cause for the split, how could he love work more than that woman?

Sandra Bullock is also a classy and beautiful woman. Jesse James is the complete opposite with his tough guy persona. Did he think it didn’t count if his mistress was a fellow tattooed biker girl? Hm Miss Congeniality to Michelle “Bombshell” McGee trailer trash? That’s even more pathetic than choosing work over your wife!

Three things should now happen:

  1. 1. Sam Mendes should cry forever that he lost Kate and the next man to cross her path should worship her and all her glory.
  2. Sandra should beat Jesse with the Oscar she won for The Blind Side, since that’s when he cheated on her. She should then re-polish it and place it in her new home.
  3. Kate and Sandra should star in a movie together about horrible husbands that reminds the world just how amazing they are.

At least that’s how I think things should be. People like Mendes (IF he did cheat), James, and even Woods need to be made examples of that this is not acceptable behavior. If men think this is okay, then something is seriously wrong with their mental state.

When average or non-handsome men marry beautiful women, do they get an ego boost? Do they then feel comfortable enough with themselves to make up for lost time and be with as many women as possible? I think the answer is yes.

What do you think?


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