Michael Myers Can’t Rest in Peace

John Carpenter made a classic horror film in 1978. He made a relatively good sequel three years later. Halloween should have ended there. Yet in the world of Hollywood where a good scare, sequels, and remakes bring money signs to executives’ eyes, Halloween is still living on, 32 years later.

There were eight Halloween movies prior to Rob Zombie’s remake in 2007. That means that seven of those movies were trying to bank on the success of the original, which no matter how hard they tried, they could never imitate. Then Zombie came around and wanted to make his version.

He decided to make the films more grotesque and gorier, abiding by the current standards of scary movies. Of course he didn’t stop at just one; he made Halloween II, which ventured on a completely bizarre path of Michael’s mother becoming an evil spirit which ultimately possesses Laurie in the end. Sorry for the spoiler, but it’s not even worth seeing.

Well guess what world, Patrick Lussier, the director of My Bloody Valentine, has decided to make Halloween III. Again. Will he follow Zombie’s path? Will he continue to taint and ruin a classic horror film? Don’t these directors and writers realize they are being unoriginal? Poor Michael Myers. These Hollywood geniuses are lucky Haddonfield is a fictional town because if it was real and they found themselves there on October 31st, I doubt they’d live to see November 1st.


One comment

  1. E · March 26, 2010

    AMMENNNN,Damn you hollywood greeds!!!

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