T.V.’s Latest Failure- Palin Style

Every one knows that Sarah Palin is not a strong political candidate. Anyone who thinks that she is surely has only been watching FoxNews for the past two years. Yet now Palin is infiltrating the airwaves on her own show. *groan*

Palin will be pulling in $1 million per episode for her Alaska based program that will be airing on The Discovery Channel. You betcha they couldn’t find anyone better to discuss what Alaska has to offer. I’d rather watch a polar bear as the star of the reality show than her!

What’s even worse is that her exiled would-have-been son-in-law Levi Johnston, is announcing his own endeavor to have a challenging reality show based in Alaska. He claims his show will be better than hers, yet again reminding the world of his immaturity and ignorance. His fifteen minutes of fame expired after the first 10 seconds.

What I want to know is: Why is Television going down the toilet at record speeds lately? As if we didn’t have enough reality shows with mindless fools (The Hills, The Jersey Shore, The Celebrity Apprentice) now we have Palin people?

At this rate I’m waiting for former President Bush to have a reality show about trying to shoot livestock or a quest to enforce global Catholicism. I wouldn’t watch that either.


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