Skins Should Stay Sexy (And British)

The past few days I’ve been addicted to watching seasons 3 and 4 of the hit U.K. show Skins. It’s been time incredibly well spent but now there’s nothing left. At the conclusion of the last episode of season 4 I grew deeply sad that it was over and that undoubtedly the cast would be replaced as they moved on to the next generation in season 5 in a Degrassi type style. Not to sound like an unhappy 2 year old but I don’t want a next generation! I want Naomi, Emily, Effy, Panda, Thomas, Katie, Cook, and JJ and I want it to be British!

Yet my wish will not be coming true. To make it worse, just last week MTV picked up Skins and is going to shoot their own tamer version of the show. BLOODY HELL! As if MTV hasn’t already ruined television with its craptastic programming like Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant, now they are going to taint a British treasure?!

This cycle of remakes truly needs to cease if good programming is ever going to develop in the future. This isn’t the first time the U.S has copied the U.K. After all, The Office was a BBC hit, and from what I’ve read, that version is better. Now Skins is going to be featuring annoying loud mouth rambunctious Americans who don’t even have cool British accents!

Let’s face it: everything is better British. I wish I was British. Yet I’m an American and I will shake my head when MTV Skins is on the air and is some trashy “reality” show rather than a scripted drama. My only hope is for a possible U.K Skins movie but until then I will chant: you’re a wanker MTV!


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  1. averagecollegekidsays · March 14, 2011

    Read my post on it 🙂

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