Part 3: Why Pretty Women Shouldn’t Date Ugly Women

Yet again, another chapter to the celebrity rules of etiquette for relationships according to me.

As I attended the Sex & the City 2 Premiere this week at Radio City, I was amazed by how many fabulous people I got to see and meet, including the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. Yet being starstruck was not the most shocking aspect of the evening; it was the person that is Cynthia Nixon’s girlfriend.

I know, I sound like a shallow and judgmental person after my first two segments, but seriously, what the hell Cynthia?! You are a feminine woman, you wear dresses, you play Miranda and drink Cosmos! Why are you dating a woman that looks like a man? And I’m not talking just butchness, I’m talking full on “If I didn’t know that was a woman I would have assumed it was a man” kind of deal.

But don’t trust me, have a look for yourself, meet Christine Marinoni:

Yes, she wore that to the glamorous premiere.

I just don’t understand why pretty women who happen to like women decide to date masculine and creepy (in my opinion) women. I think that pretty women that date women should be dating fellow pretty women! Isn’t that the whole point after all? To want a woman and all her womanly glory and not someone who looks like they pee standing up?

I don’t intend to be mean. I obviously know that love is blind and looks aren’t everything. I’m sure Christine  is a wonderful person and that she and Cynthia are very happy. Hopefully they’re as happy as Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis were at the premiere as well.


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