The $@^*!&% MTV Movie Awards

In what felt like a rap performance on BET, the MTV Movie Awards aired Sunday night. The biggest winner was expletives that had to be bleeped out every 5 minutes. Between Tom Cruise reprising his Tropic Thunder role of Les Grossman to people cursing on stage just because they could, the awards turned out to be an even bigger joke than they already were.

The fact that the Jersey Shore cast were working the red carpet and “interviewing” people already dumbed down the show to an elementary level. Add on the 10 minute preview of the second season of their fake tanned show and your mind was back at the same capacity as when you were a fetus.

Blowouts and fist pumping aside, the awards themselves were low-brow, as expected. New Moon won everything- Best Kiss, Best Female and Male Actress/Actor, Best Movie etc.. Amanda Seyfried won best “WTF Moment” (yes, that’s really a category) for when Megan Fox puked on her in Jennifer’s Body. She was happy to win, even though she knew barely anyone saw the film. Am I the only person that actually liked it on the simple fact that it was entertaining? And that Adam Brody was killed. Yay!

But the show wasn’t a complete waste. Sandra Bullock was awarded the Generation Award, and that was the sole reason I tuned in to begin with. After being introduced by Bradley Cooper, the ever lovely Betty White, and Scarlett Johansson, Bullock took the stage for the night’s best moment. Not only did she look stunning but she reminded the world that she is one class act.

In a long sleeved, upper thigh length, black sparkly dress, Bullock won the hearts of everyone yet again. She addressed what the tabloids were saying about her and showed the world that she was okay after her ugly divorce from that scumbag who shall not be named.

And to really get revenge at such scumbag, Bullock kissed Johansson. Sure it was staged, but it was certainly unexpected and alleviated the awkwardness of Johansson being on the stage to begin with. Eat your heart out Jesse James!

So while the “awards” were a complete disaster, just like Christina Aguilera’s musical performance, Bullock saved the night. We love you Sandy!

The video won’t embed in the post but to watch Bullock’s speech, click here:


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