Analyzing Alejandro

I know that we are young and I know that you may love me, but I just can’t be with you like this anymore….


For those that couldn’t tell,  “Alejandro” is a breakup song. Don’t call my name because we’re over! Whether the break-up is with men named Alejandro, a drug addiction, an eating disorder, your girlfriend, your friend, an obsession with Lady Gaga, whoever or whatever it’s with, the honeymoon is over.

So you were probably expecting tears and heartbreak in the video right? Well obviously not because its Lady Gaga were talking about and she does things her own way (although there was a funeral to honor the death of the relationship). There is no denying that this video channels Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and “Vogue” with the religious and black and white aspects, but she is doing it on purpose. Gaga is saying to all the complainers, “Yeah I am like Madonna, so what? Visionaries are to be appreciated, not compared and disregarded.” Just like how Gaga addressed her hermaphrodite rumors in “Telephone,” she comes head on with those imitator allegations in “Alejandro.” And while I do love Madonna, Gaga has taken it to a whole new level.  Madonna was a cone but Gaga is a machine gun. Literally.

The “Alejandro” video which premiered yesterday carries a heavy meaning and is a different kind of breakup than most would expect. It’s a breakup with conforming to society’s standards.  Here Gaga is building an army. An army of gay men who know how to dance in sync, wear high heels and stockings, and have no problem or fear about that because they are surrounded by peers. Sounds a lot like our military.. oh wait, no, people still have a hard time coping with the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” But these soldiers don’t want to fight a war with explosions, they want a war for rights.

These men are strong and no longer are they going to pretend to be with women (like Gaga) or feel less adequate because of who they truly are. No longer will they be marionettes in this mind control game.  There is certainly a correlation between the soldiers and the Nazi regime, which seems to be alluding to the fact that others are trying to control us and dictate our lives in an unwelcoming way. The “Alejandro” video is saying, “Screw what the government and religion tells you is right. Do your own thing because you are beautiful.”

I’m sure that the Catholic Church and right winged pundits such as FoxNews will soon be calling for a ban of this video because of it’s rampant sexual undertones and the mockery of everything they consider holy. They went crazy over “Telephone” since they have nothing better to do and now they will be further calling for the boycott of everything Gaga because she ruffled their perfectly coiffed evil feathers.

I say, good. Great! Keep doing it Gaga! And for all the haters and naysayers- look inside yourself and find the part of you that you’re afraid to embrace. Then realize just how jealous you are of Gaga and her fans who know how to embrace themselves without fear. “Alejandro” says to break up with your fears and stand on your own. Are you strong enough?



  1. ed · July 19, 2010

    Fool, that’s just your own interpretation. And clearly by your own interpretation, you have learnt nothing from these mock lessons in self-appreciation that Gaga is trying to preach. You propose that we all adopt non-judmental attitudes to people, yet you yourself judge others (‘And for all the haters and naysayers…embrace themselves without fear.’). This music video is HARDLY visionary; it has been done before, and imho, better. The difference is, the imagery and nuances in older videos of a similar kind carried more power in subtlety. What does that teach us? One doesn’t have to resort to outlandish imagery to convey a point. Less is definitely more.

    Performers such as, for argument’s sake, Madonna did (and to some extent, still do) push the boundaries when it comes to theatrics, but they don’t murder the point (or overall purpose) through overkill.

    Gaga has revolutionised nothing in music, but has rather sparked a downgrade in people’s discernment between excellence and useless crap.

    • nrmurph · July 19, 2010

      While I would thank you for your well thought out opinion, I believe that you are just coming here to preach your own perception in a rude manner by calling me a “fool” when you sir don’t even know the first thing about me.

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you don’t like her and her style, then that is your opinion. But there is no need to hate or judge on her because you don’t like it because millions of other people do.

  2. e · July 20, 2010

    Yea there is no need for immature language, ED. One who has negativity on others is a FOOL. Adults need some growing up to do. And please acquire a new hobby, your foul opinions weren’t asked for. Find another site to make your little comments make you feel better Thank you.

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