Betty White Invades New York City

Betty White is 88 and a ½ years old, yet she works like she’s 18. Yesterday, the legendary actress managed to make 5 appearances in New York City- Good Morning America, The View, filming a segment for today’s airing, The Daily Show, and a special screening of her new TV Land comedy, Hot in Cleveland.

Betty is more like hot in New York! Yesterday she was running around doing press better than people half her age could manage. And even though I wish she would take it easy and rest a bit, I am selfishly happy she’s so determined to stick to her work because I was able to see her in person at The Daily Show, bringing a new sense of utter joy to my life.

All she had to was smile and I was a goner. Just look at that face! If she can’t warm the coldest of hearts then no one can. Betty is truly something else and even though her career has spanned the past 63 years, she’s working harder now than people probably realize. Yet through it all she’s happy and can bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

The saddest part was watching her leave, and making me wish I could hug her and tell her thank you for being a friend, even if imagined so in my head, just like her character Rose Nylund thought Bob Hope was her father in a Golden Girls episode. Even if a restraining order was placed on me I wouldn’t mind.

Nothing can remove the permanent smile on my soul after seeing Betty.

Tune in tomorrow at 10PMest for the premiere of Hot in Cleveland


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