When “Celebrities” Think They Can Sing

The past couple of weeks my ears have suffered substantial damage caused by listening to bad music from “celebrities” who think they can sing. The two culprits- Countess LuAnn from The Real Housewives of New York City and The Situation from The Jersey Shore. The worst part- I don’t even watch these shows and I’ve heard these terrible songs!

Countess LuAnn

I have a friend who I will not name that I blame for this song ever hitting my ear canal. You know who you are 😉 Yet even if they never introduced me to it, I would have heard it on shows like LX New York where LuAnn attempted to sing “Money Can’t Buy You Class” live.

It’s irritating, it’s ridiculous and even worse, she thinks it’s a hit. Whoever allowed her to start a music career should be fired. If this song can teach us anything it’s that not even money can buy you a good voice.

The Situation

My dislike of this show and the characters has grown to a new level. The Situation thinks he’s a rapper now. A guiddo P. Diddy apparently. This song is even worse than LuAnn’s and that’s a tough feat.

Can this guy get any more conceited? Clearly he lacks creativity since he can only name the song after himself and he undoubtedly also thinks this is a hit. Radio stations have even been playing clips of it. Why? To make our ears bleed and our souls cry at the radio space being wasted on untalented people.

I say God help us all. We have a real problematic situation on our hands, the future of entertainment looks grim.



  1. sophie · June 17, 2010

    I remember waaaay back in the ’70’s when television celebrities tried this tactic. David Soul, even Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner. In the 80’s, Eddie Murphy with his “Party All The Time”…which sounded more like “I just want to potty all the time, and I use to this day to sing to my potty training tots.

    These were actual celebrities and their singing career tanked.

    Imagine how quickly these losers musical careers will fade.

    What’s amusing is that they THINK they can sing.

  2. e · June 17, 2010

    hahaha Agreed @sophie!….Eddie murphy, what was he thinking….i hope they fade, but itd be nice that they werent given singles to begin with. Natural talent singers struggle for life and im sure they get pissed seeing this shit. so lets also point the fingers to the greedy execs and producers who push these slow wanna-bes into thinking they can have a career in all aspects. I Def dont think so.

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