When Your Favorite Celebs Do Bad Things

… how do you respond?

This thought came to mind after a friend of mine inquired on my thoughts of Lady Gaga’s antics at recent baseball games in New York. During her Citi Field outing I was happy to see her at a Met game period, regardless of the finger flipping to the press. But then she went to the Bronx… in a Yankees jersey… during the Subway Series.

As an avid Gaga and Mets fan, I felt completely torn, even over something as simple as this. I believe that people I’m fans of should share the same views or values that I do. Isn’t that why we’re fans of certain people after all?

Let’s take this to a bigger stage than a baseball game: did fans of Chris Brown turn away after the Rihanna incident? Does Amy Winehouse have any fans left? Do fans stick by their favorite celebrities regardless of what they do?

In the end, we are all human. We all make mistakes and have lapses in judgment at times. Yet if those people were in our immediate circle of friends, wouldn’t we distance ourselves from them after such negative acts?

For the record, I’m not abandoning Lady Gaga just because she wore a Yankees jersey, even though I dislike 92% of Yankee fans. But I do know that if we ever became friends that would be the first thing I talked to her about.


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