Megan Fox Ties the Knot

Megan Fox married her on again off again boyfriend Brian Austin Green this past week in a private wedding in Hawaii. In other words: one of the hottest actresses of 2010 has married the former hottest guy of 1990.

At age 24, Fox is too “hot” to be wed to Green. She’s too young to be a step-mother to Green’s 7 year old son from a previous relationship. At 24 and in Hollywood she’s too young and too sought after to be married period!

This will only end in divorce which begs the question of why she agreed to marry him in the first place. He’s already 36 and the best thing to happen to his career since 90210 is, oh right, HER! Something seems very fishy about their relationship and from an outsiders’ perspective, one can only assume that he’s just hopping on the Foxy bandwagon in order to reclaim his own fame. No one cared about him in the years between 90210 and now. He’s only somewhat relevant because he considered lucky enough to be dating her.

Yet he couldn’t manage to keep that rock solid either with the numerous times they broke up and got back together. Now I know that Megan might not be the brightest crayon in the box, (although I do think it’s all part of her wonderful public relations planning to pretend she’s dumb for attention), but this is a bit too much.

Sign #1 of destined failure: When Green proposed again two weeks ago, she apparently lost the ring.

Sign #2 of destined failure: At the Jonah Hex premiere she said she won’t get married till she’s 44. She jumped the gun 20 years and is not prepared.

Sign #3 of destined failure: They got married and didn’t even tell her parents, probably because they’d say “What are you doing?!”

Three strikes you’re out. Or maybe Fox just wants to mimic Angelina Jolie further and have a failed youthful marriage. But I don’t think that’s the case.


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