The Perks of Prison for Lohan

While I doubt anyone could actually enjoy prison time, serving her sentence can be the best thing to happen since Lohan since the success of Mean Girls.  As Lohan starts her time behind bars today, here are some positive things she should focus on:

#1- The paparazzi will finally leave her alone! They can’t enter the prison; she has peace of mind for probably the first time in years.

#2- Remaining away from alcohol and drugs will only help her in the end. By being cold turkey in prison, she will be forced to remain sober and clean- the problem that put her in jail to begin with.

#3- She should be happy this hasn’t happened sooner. When she served 84 minutes of jail time in 2006, it was comical. She probably sat there laughing but now she will know this is the real deal. While she might wind up only serving 23 days of the 90 day sentence, it can be a reality check that she needs to get her life in order.

#4- The women at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood probably won’t be giving her a hard time. After all, Paris Hilton served her sentence there and she’s much more of a target for bullying than Lohan and she came out with a giant smile on her face.

#5- She’s away from her crazy parents who never wanted to help her because they wanted their own careers to take off.

So Lindsay, you’re finally free from the enablers. You have at least 23 days to get your mind and body together. You’ll engage in some manual labor and won’t be privileged to shower every day. Hopefully you’ll learn a lesson and know you were lucky it wasn’t worse. When you leave jail, don’t fall back into old habits because that’s what everyone is expecting. If you never want to sit in a cell again, clean up.


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