Battle of the Sexes- A Grain of Salt

Could I beat up two guys that tried to attack me on the street? Probably not, but I could kick them where it hurts and run for my life. Could Angelina Jolie or Milla Jovovich beat up two guys in the street on and off screen? I’m thinking YES!

Yet with Jolie’s Salt hitting theatres this Friday, a lot of people are claiming that it’s too unrealistic and that a woman can’t be a convincing lead action star. Right, because Tom Cruise in this role would have been a whole lot more convincing. From couch jumping to jumping out of helicopters. That’s believable.

An unnamed chauvinistic male stated this in a Salt IMDB forum: “Another example of a person who seems to think men and women are equals in every possible way which is, of course, utter BS. Did you go to school and learn about the human body? If you did than you must be forgetting something big that separates men and women and makes them way different.

No, it’s not always a man. I think there should be more women in strong roles but it should at least be realistic. Realism is the key factor here. The average woman cannot take down the average man without a weapon. Fact.

I don’t deny that a woman can do just as good as a man on math tests or be a genius and change the world by finding new sources of energy that is clean…those are all mental things. I don’t, however, see the average woman strangling and or getting into a fist fight with a man, that’s the problem.”

So women are now belittled to only excelling in something that is mental? We are apparently incapable of ever being strong enough to kick (excuse my language) male ass. Well winning a fight is half mental so females already have an advantage, plus women are thinner and can move faster than lumps of misused male muscle. Some women can out battle men and action movies with female leads take on that notion, especially when they are led by strong women like Jolie or Jovovich.

The reason men don’t like female action movies is because they are desperately trying to hold on to the belief that men are better than women in everything. God forbid a woman is stronger than them! To them, it takes away their manhood and that’s why for so many years women were denied rights and freedom because men wanted the control and power of being stronger in every way.

While there is no denying that most average women can’t beat men up, some can. And we should all be able to! How long will men continue this macho belief that they are superior than women and are therefore entitled to abuse their strength? Men think they’re stronger that’s why they try to sexually assault women and rape them in the streets or steal their purses. That shows real great use of their powers.

If all women were given the strength that is fictionally enhanced, but could be possible, in Salt, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Charlie’s Angels, etc.. the world would be a much different and better place. I will always love female led action movies because they pose a challenge that is much more engaging to watch.


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