A Jolie and Wilde Time at Comic-Con

The biggest comic book convention stormed into San Diego this week and it’s bringing some big names to the stage as well. Once a token of everything comics, the convention has transcended from paper to the big screen.

Two major motion picture panels took place yesterday- Salt and TRON: Legacy. This possibly allowed comic geeks that have been planning their Comic-Con trip since last July their first encounter at seeing beautiful women in the flesh. Angelina Jolie discussed her Salt stunts and injuries while looking marvelous in a leather jacket and skirt while Olivia Wilde talked TRON on no sleep. The actress was up for 40 hours filming and doing Comic-Con yet still managed to look like Maxim’s 2009 #1 Hottest Woman in the process.

With the addition of Hollywood into Comic-Con, the convention is no longer stereotypical nerdy at all. Hell, I wish I was at Comic-Con! Panel discussions with talented creative artists discussing their upcoming works and the revealing of trailers of new movies, it just seems too fascinating to not attend.

There was also a Buffy the Vampire Slayer motion comic, Buffy inspired sodas for sale, the animated film Megamind, a Glee panel discussion, and yes, the masters, Josh Whedon and Stan Lee. Over the next couple of days, Comic-Con will be the place to be.

Yet San Diego is a far plane ride from New York.  If only someone could have teleported me there. Now that’d be a perfect comic conclusion.

Photos courtesy of: Huffington Post and YGX


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