Protesting is as Christian as Mel Gibson Hitting Women

The Westboro Baptist Church, led by extremist Fred Phelps, seem to enjoy protesting in order to spread their beliefs. They also believe that spreading hatred, violence, and making use of judgmental values makes them good Christians.

As usual, the religious extremists are not realizing their hypocrisy and how they are not good Christians by acting out in such ways. Wouldn’t God want us to love one another? After all, he’s the one that said we are all created in his image and likeness. But let’s not get technical; these people only have one agenda. And that’s not stopping the consumption of shellfish, which is also in the Bible.

When the West Baptist “Church” protested Lady Gaga’s concert in St. Louis last weekend, they came armed with signs of “God Hates Gaga” “God Hates Fags”. To that I say, “God Hates Haters!”

At Comic-Con last week they came with their right winged signs of “God Hates America,” “You Hate God,” and “AntiChrist = Obama.”

Luckily, the Comic-Coners were prepared and had a counter attack, mocking the organization with their “God Hates Jedi” signs as well as “Fags are Sexy Beasts” and “The Dark Knight is By My Side.”

I firmly believe that an organization of this kind should not receive any media attention because to them, that’s their mission- to be seen and convince others that homosexuals, liberals, Obama, and even Lady Gaga and comic fans are evil and corrupt. Yet even though they don’t deserve the time of day, shouldn’t we be made away of the seeds of evil that are existing in our own country?

What do you think: are they worth talking about or  should we pretend they don’t exist?



  1. theologigal · July 27, 2010

    “I firmly believe that an organization of this kind should not receive any media attention because to them, that’s their mission”
    I agree – this attention is exactly what they want and what proliferates their agenda. If we’d ignore them maybe they’d quit their antics.

    • nrmurph · July 27, 2010

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. I agree and would like to believe that if we ignore they will quit. One can only hope that starts to happen soon.

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