Megan Fox Does the Right Thing

The video for Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna premiered last night. The video features Megan Fox and  Dominic Monaghan in a tumultuous relationship that certainly revolves around violence and jealousy. The song, which is about domestic violence,  not only touches on a part of Rihanna’s past, but also that of many women worldwide.

While Fox could have taken her check to the bank and deposited it alongside her paychecks from Transformers and Jennifer’s Body, she opted to take the high road. She donated her paycheck to Sojourn, a shelter for battered women. That money will now help real women who have been affected by abuse, rather than support herself acting in a role of a victim.

While we could say that all of Hollywood should do more of these charitable acts on a more frequent basis, it’s still nice to see it done in the proper manner.

Job well done by Mrs. Austin-Green.


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