Help Save a Web Series- Anyone But Me

There have been many times when I found myself looking at the television listings and shaking my head wondering, “How did this manage to get produced?” Naturally, I do that every time I see The Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of XYZ, or The Bachelor/ette. Other times I wonder why smart or more beneficial programming isn’t airing. Don’t get me started on the cancellation of Arrested Development which I still get upset about.

Now with something so passé like American Idol vying for its tenth season it makes me almost infuriated to know that smaller independent programming is struggling to compete with America’s attention, viewer ship, and ultimately, money. Even though there are only two true American Idol successes, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, the show is a mega-hit. Why? Beats me.

In comparison, a web-series called Anyone But Me is struggling for funding for their upcoming third season. A show that addresses the challenges of growing up, accepting yourself, and that truly tugs on one’s heart strings might not get to be seen by fans because of lack of funding. Yet overly rich producers can give us more fist pumping, staged reality shows, and singing and dancing competitions than we know what to do it. Lucky us.

If Anyone But Me doesn’t reach its financial goals, another example of fine innovative programming will become victim of America’s backward entertainment consumption. With a stellar cast including Nicole Pacent and Rachael Hip-Flores, who will surely be making a name for themselves in the future, audiences will be missing out on content that should be mainstream and airing weekly on a major network.

I firmly believe that Anyone But Me is the American Idol of the web; except that I actually like this show.

To help donate towards a third season that everyone (including me) is eagerly awaiting, click here.


One comment

  1. Susan Miller · August 9, 2010

    Thanks so much! I love the Am Idol comparison

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