Angelina: A Been There Done That Biography

People’s thoughts on Angelina Jolie are as split as the country is politically. Some people love her while others hate her; even though they don’t know her. I fall on the love side and have been so for as long as I can remember. For that reason nothing about her life comes as surprise to me. With anyone, the bigger the fan, the more that is known.

Yet for people who don’t appreciate Angelina and only associate her with tabloid headlines, there is a lot to learn. With Andrew Morton’s Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography in bookstores and now currently #3 on the New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers list, I’m surprised that more anti-Angie people haven’t come forward trying to further prove that Angelina is “crazy.” Morton dives deep into her life from before her birth right up until her filming of The Tourist this past spring covering as much as possible.

Sex, drugs, and destruction can pretty much sum up most of the outlandish bits of her life. To fans, that’s old news. We all knew about Billy Bob, vials of blood, Jenny Shimizu and of course the knives. It’s what makes her Angelina. As big of a superfan as I am, the book was almost boring because I had heard it all before. There wasn’t anything major that Morton could possible reveal when Angelina is so vocal about her past to begin with. Unless you never paid attention when she spoke.

The only part of the book that actually came as a surprise to me was that her mother, Marcheline, could have married Al Pacino. While her romance with Jon Voight resulted in a rocky relationship with his children, there is no denying that Angelina would have developed into an amazing actress regardless.

Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography is worth reading to understand the complex yet utterly fascinating woman that is Angelina Jolie.


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