Are You There Vodka? Tell Chelsea to Stop Drinking

Chelsea Handler was just announced as the host of the 2010 VMAs. It’s fitting since the awards are usually a joke that they’d have something equally as laughable as a host- and I don’t mean her comedic skills.

I’ve watched Chelsea Lately more than enough to know I’m not a fan. The show just doesn’t do anything for me, nor does Chelsea. Yet I understand that some people consider her show to be a religious obligation. But when I got wind of her comments about Angelina Jolie Wednesday night, I was even more inclined to not tune in to her show again because she committed blasphemy in my religion.

With Jennifer Aniston as the guest, Chelsea went on an Anti-Angelina tirade poking fun at her parenting style sarcastically saying “What a fun mom! You are so fun kitty cat. You go girl!” regarding a joke Angelina played on Maddox. She then went on to say, “You’re evil and everyone knows it.”

Oh no she didn’t!

While Angelina doesn’t care about what’s said about her, and possibly has no idea who Chelsea is, I’d like to come to her defense and shed light on some key areas of Chelsea’s weakness. Sometimes jealousy is so apparent that it’s blinding:

1. Born in 1975, Chelsea is the same age as Angelina. I wonder who looks like perfection and is the bigger star….

2. Chelsea took part of an Internet show called “In With Mom.” That’s interesting, seeing how Chelsea is not a mom. Maybe she wants to be and clearly has baby envy.

3. Apparently Chelsea’s guest are usually on the low brow. Having Jennifer Aniston was therefore a big deal. Way to be a kiss ass and try to make your first celebrity bond on air. Aww

4. Chelsea and her boyfriend broke up in January. What’s the best way to deal with a breakup? Hate on everyone else who’s happy and in love.

There’s a fine line between being a comedian and taking personal stabs at people. Keep drinking that Hater-aid Chelsea, it’s really doing wonders for you.


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