Drew Does Daily

Drew Barrymore appeared on The Daily Show yesterday to promote her new movie, Going the Distance, which hits theatres September 3rd.

Even though she arrived slightly late to the taping, Drew managed to look fantastic as she posed for a few quick pictures. Once she returned outside when done, there was no denying that Drew had grown up from the adorable 7 year old in E.T.

Now she’s a lovely mature woman. Just look at the expression on her face when she saw her 1995 Playboy cover being extended to be signed- by an 80 year old woman! It was hilarious yet heartwarming to see so much emotion and friendliness come from the star, who could have quickly signed and left.

Yet maybe she should have. The always scummy and rude eBay hounds were on the attack. From making not so nice comments about Drew to complaining about my red sharpie which would be horrific if she signed their glossy 8×10 in. It’d be *gasp* un-sellable!

Well crazy eBay-er who doesn’t have a day job, or a shower, it’s my Never Been Kissed DVD insert and I’ll have it signed however I want! At least that’s what I said to myself. When Drew signed in blue, I didn’t complain. After all, it’s the act and the experience that is priceless to me.



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