Paris’ Purse Powder Problems

It seems like only yesterday Paris Hilton found herself in trouble with the law for alleged pot possession. She was let off easy both times.

Now she’s stepped it up and placed herself in a powder pickle. Last weekend, Paris’ boyfriend’s Escalade was pulled over in Las Vegas after officers smelt marijuana coming from the car. Three strikes you’re out Paris! Her boyfriend, Cy Waits, was arrested for DUI. Paris, in true air-head fashion, managed to drop  an .08 ounces bag of cocaine out of her purse. Yet again, Paris tried to claim innocence.

She claims the purse wasn’t hers; that it was a friend’s. Yet a Twitter photo Paris posted from July proves otherwise.

I bet she doesn’t love this purse anymore.

So what is it that draws Paris to these suspicious cirumstances? Hasn’t she learned her lesson? Clearly, she has enough money; if you’re going to partake in the use of narcotics, do it in the safety and privacy of your own secure mansion!

Maybe that’s why the knife baring robber attempted to break in; he was after her drugs!

Paris will be arraigned on October 27th.



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