Snooki Getting Published = The Death of the Book Industry

The announcement that Jersey Shore‘s Snooki is “writing” a novel to be published by Simon & Schuster in January is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I have officially reached my limit with our society’s praise of GARBAGE! Especially the cast of this pathetic excuse of entertainment.

Writers are actual intellects who were given a gift of storytelling. Snooki is NOT a writer!She is NOT talented! And she doesn’t deserve the acclaim of being called a “published author” when we all know some other fake tanned greaseball will be writing it for her!

A writer’s journey is one of creativity and pain, excitement and rejection. A writer’s dream is to be published and many never get that opportunity even though they are excellent at what they do. And yet here’s this sad girl who only knows how to get drunk and make a fool out of herself who is allowed the opportunity many would kill for.

Snooki has only read two books in her life- Twilight and Dear John. I can read two books a week when I’m not completely consumed with my job (which she doesn’t have), my homework (which she doesn’t have), and writing my own creative projects (which she is unable to do even if she tried).

I don’t know what’s sadder- the fact that these cast members are having so many doors opened for them or that Simon & Schuster has sunk to a new low.

The book industry is dead my friends.



  1. Siobhan · September 30, 2010

    Ah don’t let it bother you. The kind of people who buy books by these Z list celebrities aren’t the kind of people who would buy real books. Or so I like to tell myself. And the books end up retailing for about £1.50 in bargain boxes, so probably end up costing the publishers money, which will be an incentive to stop publishing them when they catch on.

  2. cocktailsattiffanys · September 30, 2010

    If you just NOW think people who aren’t legit writers are getting published, where were you when Sarah Palin got a book deal? Nicole Richie? Lauren Conrad? Kim Zolciak?

    However, there are some established writers that equally suck—hello Dan Brown.

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