Sheryl Crow Rocks Radio City

Sheryl Crow knows how to put on a show. The 48 year old singer performed at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday night with such force and electricity that you would never guess she’s a cancer survivor, heartbreak survivor, and mother of two. She was that energetic. And funny.

While belting out tunes new and old ranging from My Favorite Mistake to her latest single off 100 Miles From Memphis, “Summer Days,” Crow showed off her true personality. During “Strong Enough” she spoke of her own quest for love saying, “I want a man with a real job. Who makes more money than me, but doesn’t spend as much as me. Is that so much to ask? Are you out there?” Later she would poke fun at the idiocracies in the world, including Christine O’Donnell.

But personality aside, the show was all about music. With a 10 piece band, Crow brought vibrance to Radio City, had people dancing and singing along. Her two hour set was jam packed with one great performance after another and it served as a reminder that some musicians do still sing live.

Same went for her opening act, Brandi Carlili, who belted out her folk/pop songs with class as well.


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