Cox-Arquette Split Brings Too Much Information

Sometimes I wonder what goes through people’s minds when they’re suffering from word vomit. Do they realize they’re making a mistake but can’t stop now that they’ve started? Or do they just have no remorse or shame for airing dirty details?

I really can’t understand what possessed David Arquette to go on Howard Stern and dish personal information the day after announcing he and Courtney Cox are separating after 11 years of marriage. Surely there can be no chance of reconciliation for the two now that he told the world that they haven’t had sex in five months and that during that time period he slept with a waitress. Twice.

Apparently Courtney knew he was going to say it and she was okay with that, which is still peculiar, but does he have no decency? I’m sure his daughter will love to find that out when she’s older and googles her daddy’s name. As for Courtney, that was probably the last thing she wanted the world to know, but it makes her look like the victim. Her husband cheated on her when she wasn’t intimate with him. He’s now a fool.

Even though they’ve been very upfront about their marital problems or use of couples’ therapy in the past, this crossed into unspoken territory and raises the question of just how much do we need to know about celebrities’ lives? Do we need to know how long they go without sex, or how often they have it? What’s next? Telling us how often they go to the bathroom?

Sometimes less is more. It keeps up the mystery that makes you crave more.  If only celebrities knew that.


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