Wednesday’s Writers Woes- What Went Wrong

I’ve decided to have a weekly Wednesday re-cap of everything the writers of Glee missed the previous night. Glee is my favorite TV show (even with the woes) so for the same reason, I’m acutely aware of plot holes, abandoned storylines, and pairings that do not work at all. Maybe one day Ryan Murphy & Company will wake up and say, “Hm this Flix & Pix person is on to something. “ Duh.

Season 2 Episode 9- Special Education


  1. Brittany and Artie are still together. Worst storyline in the show’s history.
  2. A tie? Are you serious? New Directions blew The Warblers out of the water. Way to take the easy way out and allow more screen time for Blaine and Kurt.
  3. PS- The Kurt & Blaine Show is no longer cute. Blaine telling Kurt to be more of a team player after auditioning for a solo was pathetic. Looks like Blaine wants to be the only lead.
  4. Kurt hasn’t seen Finn yet they should be living in the same house together now that their parents are married. No one ever said Dalton was a boarding school.
  5. Finn completely overreacted to Rachel’s confession of kissing Puck. Finn lied about being a virgin; that’s much more serious! He had the opportunity to be honest last season and he dropped the ball, just like the writers.
  6. Emma gets married in Vegas? Just like that? We know she was overcoming her OCDs and intimacy issues but getting hitched over the weekend seems very out of character.
  7. Why hasn’t Artie been rolled off a cliff or a stage yet by Santana? C’mon, she’s the Queen Bitch of Glee who actually has a heart that belongs to the person Artie is dating. Artie should have been stuck in a locker or porta-potty for the past four episodes. Santana’s vendetta with Rachel was misdirected.
  8. Sam and Quinn are cute but can we please remember that Quinn shouldn’t want to be involved with a guy after last year’s debacle? She should be a single and strong independent woman.
  9. Puck and Quinn seem to not even speak anymore. That’s funny seeing how he was in love with her last season and wanted to keep the baby. Dialogue between them would be uh- NORMAL!
  10. Lastly, at the beginning of the episode Quinn expresses feelings of hatred towards Rachel. During Dog Days Are Over, they were holding hands. Can’t even have continuity in the same episode!



  1. Santana’s solo. Give her one more often and let Brittany and Mike dance.
  2. Rachel had more screen time. She might be the diva but this season was falling flat without her having more presence.
  3. That’s it.


Next week is the Christmas episode. I’m sure it will be filled with holiday spirit but the previews already have me groaning. Brittany tells Santa she wants Artie to walk. This Christmas, I want the writers to remember that she only got with Artie out of spite to make someone jealous. Is that too much to ask?


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