Chelsea Handler, I Hate YOU!

Dear Chelsea Handler,

Lately you’ve been sitting atop a high horse. I’m here to tell you that that the things coming out of your mouth are more vile than the excrement the horse releases. Not even kidding.

What you said over the weekend in Newark about Angelina Jolie was not only disrespectful, disgraceful and disgusting, but it was a reminder that you do not deserve to be on stage. You are a “comedian” and even that could be argued since you have never made me laugh. Your “job” is to make fun of others for a living. What does that say about you? You must be so insecure and self conscious that you need to bring others down to feel better about yourself.

You want to crack jokes, go ahead. But don’t insult someone like Jolie and call her a “C U Next Tuesday” just because your new BFFL is Jennifer Aniston. Don’t insult her for adopting and take a stab at her son Maddox. How dare you! What kind of human being makes fun of someone who was adopted and given a child a chance at a better life? Only you! You are so heartless and untalented that it actually hurts.

If I actually cared about you, I would feel bad for you Chelsea. Clearly you are one lost and delusional human being. You project all this hate towards Jolie because you are jealous. You are jealous that she is more successful, talented, and beautiful than you are while you are both the same age. You’re jealous that she has a happy family life while you’re single and miserable.  Now you’re spiteful because you think you’re cool that you went to Mexico with Jennifer Aniston for Thanksgiving.  Misery loves company. So you know what? If you want to play the Team Aniston card so much then why don’t you just date Jennifer and “make it all better” if you think you’re such a superior human being than everyone else.

In fact, Jennifer would be an upgrade from your last beau, 50 Cent. Or your 20-years-your-senior- boss at E! that you dated just so your show could be renewed.

You have no class Ms. Handler. Keep your Jolie comments between you and your Friend.


Your #1 Non-Fan


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