Wednesday’s Writers Woes

Season 2 Episode 10: A Very Glee Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly so I’ll make sure my Fails don’t outweigh my Wins.

Bah Humbugs!

  1. Brittany and Artie are still together! This is 5 episodes too long now.
  2. Even though I personally celebrate Christmas, it seemed wrong that not even Chanukah was mentioned considering characters such as Puck and Rachel are all about Jew-Pride.
  3. So Santana and Brittany aren’t even friends anymore? If anyone was to preserve Brittany’s Santa beliefs it should have been her best friend. But noooo. The writers had another cop-out and didn’t even have Santana present for that conversation!
  4. And Santana should have been the real Santa! SANTAna! If anyone was to buy a ReWalk for Artie, don’t you think it would have been the girl who’d secretly do anything to make Brittany happy? Even more fitting, both her parents are doctors! Beiste can’t afford a $100,000 ReWalk! But the Lopez family can.
  5. Next episode isn’t until February 6th!



  1. Everything Sue. The Grinch arc was perfect for her and her change of heart at the end was touching.
  2. Becky is just too adorable and precious.
  3. Rachel putting a pine tree air freshener in her pocket because she knows Finn likes it was so cute and endearing. You can tell she’d do anything to get him back. This is Rachel Berry we’re talking about!
  4. Can’t go wrong with Christmas music. Merry Christmas Darling, Last Christmas, and Baby It’s Cold Outside were great.
  5. Beiste’s talk with Brittany brought tears to my eyes. Beiste is a strong character and it’s good that we’re exposed to her past and vulnerabilities because it makes her even more likable.
  6. Santana to Santa while on his lap: “Please tell me that’s a roll of Certs in your pocket!”

All I want for Christmas is continuity. Maybe Santa or Santana can bring that to me in February.


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