Bieber Fever Has Me Sick!

I never thought I could have more anger and resentment towards Ryan Murphy; until this morning.

A Justin Bieber themed Glee episode? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

Bieber might be the coolest thing since the Jonas Brothers for 12 year-olds but Glee is a high school themed show with adult themed content. Glee wins the viewing demographic every week for 18-45 year olds. Do you think most normal and non pedophiliac adults like Justin Bieber? No!

Past themed episodes have been done to honor greats: Madonna, Gaga, and Britney. Bieber as the first male themed episode is such a disappointment. It should have been Michael Jackson, rather than just feature a couple of his songs in upcoming episodes.

The only word to express my feelings for Bieber Glee is: UGH! Ryan Murphy, if you’re reading and realizing how much we are not related, then here’s a little suggestion to quiet my riot of feelings:

If you do that song “Baby,” please let it be sung by a certain Cheerio to another who is currently following a misogynistic robot on wheels. If that other Cheerio and Wheels sing that song, I’m punching my TV while imaging your face.


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