Spoiled Rotten

In the age of Social Media and Internet addiction, we’ve lost our ability to be surprised. Chances are before you see a movie; you’ve read a review and enter the theatre with some outside thoughts lingering in your mind. If you want to read a book, the ending may or may not have accidentally been revealed to you. But nothing is worse than TV spoilers, where you’re longing and waiting to see something happen and then BAM- it was spoiled online.

Maybe you’re to blame. Maybe you shouldn’t have followed fellow show enthusiasts on Twitter or Tumblr. Maybe you shouldn’t have checked your favorite magazine’s website and been unable to resist temptation in the form of a link. But when Entertainment Weekly mentions “Insert Your Favorite Show Here” how are you supposed to resist?

I know I certainly can’t and it’s driving me crazy. While my favorite show is still currently on hiatus, I have lost my appetite for its return based on the spoilers of what’s to come. How can I be excited to watch when the things happening to my favorite characters are not things I approve of?

It just seems like in a time when we are constantly connected to mass media and this every growing online conversation, that our experiences are being tainted. Nothing is completely unadulterated and new and it’s disappointing.

I never knew what was going to happen in the next Power Rangers episode and that was what made each week fun. Sure I might only have been a kid but now that I have kid-like enthusiasm for certain shows, and the suspense is killed; it sucks.

What do you think? Do you accidentally/intentionally read spoilers? How do you keep things fresh?


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