Wednesday’s Writer Wins- That’s How We Do It In Lima Heights!

Season 2 Episode 12: Silly Love Songs

Okay so apparently Ryan Murphy & Co. have been reading my blog because there has been such a thing called “continuity” in the past two epic episodes of Glee that has me cheering yay! Even though I had a Sue like tantrum during last night’s episode because Bartie is still in existence, I quickly calmed down and said, “That was awesome!” It’s a Win Wednesday, rather than Woe.


  1. Nurse Santana. Perfect! Her plot to give Finn mono to oust him cheating with Quinn was just genius. “Time for Santana to do what Santana does best: Revenge.”
  2. Quinn addresses cheating and the baby that everyone seems to have forgotten about. Finally, there is reference!
  3. Lauren-Santana cat fight. Initially I cringed because seeing my favorite character thrown against the lockers is painful but this was actually hilarious. Santana bites Lauren, can’t move her and then has to be carried away by Beiste.
  4. Becky continued to be her adorable self. “Finny Bear”
  5. Foreshadowing the end of Barite and Tike? Before Mike and Artie break out into PYT, they talk about how perfect their relationships are without jealousy and drama. Now we know it’s going to end. Even though we already knew that because in episode 15, “IT’S ON.”
  6. I’m not a Puck fan, but it was nice to actually see him be a somewhat decent guy last night. He actually really likes Lauren and I’m happy that he can finally be removed from Santana’s life.
  7. Rachel at the kissing booth really pulled on my heart strings just as much as when she got dumped when looking for Christmas trees. Finn does not deserve her!
  8. Mercedes makes it known that being single is okay. All the true divas were single when they reached fame so go on with your single self girl!
  9. The Cheerios in regular clothes is so much win!
  10. Brittany and Santana were finally shown as friends again. Why? Because “it’s on!”

Broken Hearts:

  1. Too much with the Warblers! Blaine has already had more solos than Tina who has been a major part of Glee since season one! If Blaine isn’t going to be a better person who doesn’t obnoxiously lead Kurt on, then the boy has GOT TO GO!
  2. Bartie. Still. Needs. To. Disappear.
  3. Songs were a bit lackluster compared to all the amazingness of Thriller/Heads Will Roll on Sunday night.
  4. Hello cocky Finn swagger. Really not feeling your new found ego. Go work on fixing your manboobs.
  5. The preview for next week. Ugh! Bieber. Samtana. Ugh! Make it go away!

Did you love or hate this Valentine’s episode?


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