Evil Takes Shape in Ticketmaster & StubHub

When I was eleven, concert tickets were usually purchased at a verified Ticketmaster location. I remember waiting hours on a tangible line outside The Wiz to get Nsync tickets. Twelve years later, tickets can only be purchased through the monopolizing Ticketmaster via online.

Here’s how the process usually goes:

You go online to make a purchase as soon as tickets become available. You become frustrated when your wait time for tickets says 5 minutes. You become even more frustrated when you’re given tickets that are at the top of the arena. You begin to scratch your head wondering why you have such bad luck. You purchase the tickets anyway just to be inside because the show actually means something to you. Out of curiosity, you check StubHub and see that within the 15 minutes that tickets for the PRE-SALE have gone on sale, there are already 237 tickets for sale. Enter expletives.

While there is no fair system to selling tickets unless they are actually only sold at the venue, how I feel about Ticketmaster will never change now. How I feel about scalpers who instantly buy up all the good seats and then go put them on StubHub is only growing each time a concert is ruined months before it even happens. These people out to make a quick buck fill me with so much rage that if they were a unified force, I’d pulverize them!

In a smaller and less damaging way, ticket hounds are like terrorists. They intentionally inflict pain on others via the lack of tickets, raised prices, and even the stress of having to accept defeat. They show no mercy, no sympathy, and most importantly, are ruthless to make a buck. They are faceless but powerful.

We live in an age of monopolies, corruption, greed, and selfishness in every single way and it’s sickening. I’m tired of not being able to enjoy entertainment because everyone else wants to ruin it. I’m tired of going to movie premieres and being attacked, yes attacked!, because the people behind me are uneducated rats who sell celebrity autographs on Ebay. I’m tired of actually having a brain, decency, and passion only to have some stranger try to rain on it all the time.

With that being said, I am going to make the best of the concert I am attending because even if I’m up in section 322, I’m in the presence of greatness. I will ignore the fact that there are currently 815 tickets on sale on Stubhub only 4 hours after the Pre-Sale began. I will ignore that Ticketmaster and ticket hounds exist because frankly, they don’t deserve to.


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