Dear Grammys: Forget You!

Following my anger over last year’s Grammy awards, I honestly had hoped for redemption this year. But after watching a three and a half hour show that was mainly focused on musical performances rather than awards, I realized that the Grammys are exactly just that: not focused on the awards.

I still don’t know who this elite “Recording Academy” is but clearly they are a group of pretentious people who sit in a room listening to CDs without once actually interacting with the world outside. If they did, they would have said “You know what; Lady Gaga deserves Album of The Year this year. We gave it to Taylor Swift last year but now she’s nowhere. Gaga is a constant force of hit songs and musical love. Give it to Gaga!”

But no. Album of the Year went to Arcade Fire. Granted, Arcade Fire is a hard working band and naturally, to even be nominated means that they are good, but seriously? Arcade Fire beat Gaga? Arcade Fire beat Katy Perry whose Teenage Dream album dominated the charts last year? Arcade Fire beat out Eminem whose Recovery put him back in the music scene with a blast?

It just seems like Album of the Year has been going to the artist who the elite like best, rather than who people worldwide like best. It’s all about politics and that’s understandable. Not everyone is going to agree on music taste the same way not everyone will agree that the Black Swan is actually the most deserving film of Best Picture at the Oscars. But with music, shouldn’t sales, radio plays, ticket sales, and generally pandemonium at least matter a little bit?

Although, I do realize that that statement protects Justin Bieber, who I am no way, shape, or form, a fan of. Yet even I was shocked at Esperanza Spalding winning Best New Artist. That was the biggest “Who?” moment of the night. Personally, I wanted the amazing Florence and the Machine to win because they deserved it! But in the same right, Drake and Bieber had mega years as well and in their own right they deserved to win Best New Artist as well. But instead, the elite wanted a shocking upset.

Awards aside, there were some great performances. Starting off the show with the Aretha tribute felt a bit out of place but what a great compilation of voices to honor the legend. Gaga rocked as usual with her performance of Born This Way. Mick Jagger still knows how to work it, Bob Dylan sounded like he needed sleep.

But the best performance of the night hands down goes to Cee-Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow. Cee-Lo is a smart man. He knows that Gwyneth’s Glee rendition of his song was a hit so why not have her share the Grammy stage and rock with his feathers and Muppet friends? Forget You was unforgettable; unlike the rest of the show.


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