Wednesday’s Writer Wins: Drink Up!

Vomiting, headaches, regrets, and embarrassment can all be blamed on the alcohol. Bad writing? Not last night!

Season 2 Episode 14: Blame It On The Alcohol


  1. The Rachel Berry Trainwreck House Party Extravaganza was perfect by nature but some moments were better than others. I mean hello, did you see that body shot and the hilarity that ensued all before the first commercial break?
  2. Classifications of drunks was so scarily accurate. Emotional wrecks, angry girls, strippers, happy girls, and needy clingers. The Glee girls cover them all.
  3. Spin the bottle! The Brittany and Sam kiss that had to be interrupted by Santana was very interesting with heavy tones of foreshadowing. Me gusta! Rachel and Blaine also really liked their kiss.
  4. Brittany singing Ke$ha was so perfect that I think she needs to replace Ke$ha in real life. No really, Heather Morris, you are amazing! You even fake puking like with style. Plus you know the girls that puke together.. well uh, probably got drunk together 😉
  5. Principal Figgins continues to be clueless and comical. “Tik and also Tok by rapper Kee-dollar sign- ha”
  6. Rachel using her “relationship” with a gay man as inspiration to write music was so classic Rachel. I’m really looking forward to hearing this upcoming original music.
  7. Will’s drunk dial to Sue might have been humiliating but he should have been relieved he didn’t call Terri!
  8. The costume department really needs to be praised. Not only are the Cheerios looking fierce out of their uniforms, but even the sunglasses they all wear when hungover is just so fitting to each character.
  9. Don’t You Want Me Baby? Yes, I do want more 80s music on Glee. How kind of you to ask!
  10. Will’s speech to the kids about not drinking and offering his cell phone number in case of emergency was really sweet because at least he shows he’s being realistic and concerned.

Puke Worthy!

  1. WAY TOO MUCH PDA by BARFie and Samtana. Talk about over compensation! I wanted to be drunk too during the party just to withstand that gag worthy eye burning snippets.
  2. Douche Finn swagger is still in effect. Telling Rachel she was a needy clinger was unnecessary. He should appreciate being wanted since no one else really cares for him, aside from one of my friends who loves her Finny Bear (Hi Sara!)
  3. Ratings were actually down for this episode! Wtf? I guess the PTC is already alerting their conservative mindless friends to stop watching because *gasp* there is underage drinking and sexual tendencies!
  4. No new episode next week! Damn you American Idol!
  5. What the promo for “Sexy” did show wasn’t enough to satisfy me. Yes, Holly is back! But it’s not the adult romances I’m looking foward to.

Can you handle the two week wait till “Sexy?” Which drunk Glee cast member are you? I’m a cross between Santana and Quinn. What can I say, I like my Cheerios 🙂


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