Wednesday’s Writer Wins: Get It Right

If there’s one thing the Glee writers have tried to emphasize it’s that patience is a virtue. It’s worth the wait for some. For others, the wait continues. But it’s Regionals and the focus belongs on the music.

Season 2 Episode 16 Original Song


Image credit: Adam Rose/Fox



Got It Right

  1. New Directions win! After that god awful tie at Sectionals, the kids prove to be the real winners.
  2. Their songs were just so perfect. “Get It Right” was beautifully sung and performed by Lea. “Loser Like Me” had the inspiring words and pep that we should expect from the talented group who refuse to be knocked down.
  3. The other original songs of the night were just as entertaining. “Trouty Mouth.” Whoever thought something so seductive sounding could be so insulting. Down with them guppy lips! “Big Ass Heart” was cute and makes Puck become more likable with his longing for Lauren. “Hell to the No” – more like hell yeah!
  4. Rachel’s strength. She could have easily crumpled, cried, or even hit up her dads’ liquor cabinet after Quinn knocked her with a dose of reality, but instead she channeled her emotion into writing a great song. She is better than Lima and better off without Finn.
  5. The kiss heard round the world. While part of me is still frustrated that Klaine got a kiss after 7 episodes while it’s been 2 seasons for others, this was too adorable not to clap for. It’s also a major step in the right direction for television. Now lets just hope Kurt returns to New Directions ASAP and have his Warbler boyfriend on the side.
  6. Speaking of which, last night had to be the end of the singing Warblers right? I’m so over them taking away screen time from our Gleeks!
  7. “Can you stop staring at me? I can’t remember my locker combo.” Ah to be flustered, angsty, and in love. Thanks for at least some continuity this week Murph!
  8. Kurt got to sing not once, but twice! That was a much appreciated break in continuity.


  1. Oh Quinn. Why can’t she just give up on Finn and not torment poor Rachel? Even if she basically told Rachel that she’s destined for a better life, no high schooler likes being told that the person they love is going to marry someone else. Especially when that someone else is Quinn Fabray, who is trying to keep her enemies closer.
  2. Brittana. Santitany. Stalemate! Brittany pushed the dumb card even further by asking “did I do something wrong?” DUH! She just doesn’t get it at all nor does she understand that she’s with the wrong person. I really hope she the writers wake up because upcoming spoilers predict a potential rocky road unless changes happen. No me gusta!
  3. The Dirt Locker didn’t seem fair considering the former Cheerios have enough problems to deal with, let alone be given a literal landslide by their former coach.
  4. The Palin/O’Donnell imitating Kathy Griffin. At first it was hilarious with the references to Twitter and witch hunts, but when criticizing the “Candles” duet, her commentary was a mentality that is sadly held by too many people to actually be funny. One joke too far possibly.

During the next month, I’ll be contemplating the return of Holly Holiday, the fate of Fuinn, how Bartie can die, and most importantly, the solidification of Brittana. See you in a month!


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