Why People Should Boycott Chris Brown

Two years ago, Chris Brown became notorious and it wasn’t for his poppy songs and dance moves. After the Rihanna incident that left the Barbadian singer beaten bloody, Brown became the epitome of this generations’ Ike Turner. That’s a sad title to achieve at the age of 19. Now at 21, Brown thinks he’s matured by trying to avoid talking about it like it was no big deal, but today’s Good Morning America appearance proves just how big it still is.

In this video, you can see Brown’s anger brewing over the discussion of his issues with Rihanna. To him, it’s a thing of the past that’s unimportant compared to his music. I’m sorry but music and self promotion is NOT more important than domestic violence. Rather than admit remorse and show human like qualifies, Brown dismisses the haters and wants people to buy his album that dropped today: “F.A.M.E.” (Forgiving All My Enemies.) Um shouldn’t they be forgiving you?

After this segment, Brown proceeded to throw a chair at his dressing room window, sending shards of glass onto the streets of Time Square. He then ripped off his ugly vest and stormed onto the street, shirtless. Someone still needs anger management, a brain, and a heart.

But the bigger issue here is that Brown should be reprimanded. Radio stations shouldn’t play his stupid “Yeah Yeah Yeah” song. Dumb girls who think he’s cute shouldn’t buy his album and platforms like Good Morning America shouldn’t even have him on to give him the opportunity to clear his name when he’s done nothing but taint himself further.

In the age of celebrity pandemonium, there should be standards. Hot (or not) messes are everyone’s obsession it seems i.e.- Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson. But it’s not right. If someone has no redeeming traits and is just a sloppy deranged screw up, we shouldn’t praise them and give them more attention. We should turn our heads and look for more admirable people to talk about.

Chris Brown falls into that category. Maybe the bleach has gone to his head, but until he fully acknowledged his Rihanna error and doesn’t break windows, no one should support him. As for his new album? Lady Gaga should punch him in the face for stealing her album title and letting him know how abuse feels.



  1. anonymous · May 17, 2011

    That is a very one sided view, you are not giving him a chance.
    it had been 2 years since the incident. imagine being badgered for 2 years with everyone bringing it up, even after he has served his punishment and learnt from his mistake(s) people are still asking him about it. it is perfectly fair to not want his past to be brought up again – he has moved on, rihanna has moved on. you are in no positition to say whether or not we should ‘boycott Chris Brown’, to be honest, if anyone is in a postition to say so, it is Rihanna:

    as for the throwing chairs etc. i will not take your word for it as this article has not been factual either. thanks.


  2. Novelatte · February 13, 2012

    Great post; I believe in second chances, but I just am not convinced that Chris Brown has sincerely changed – especially after the incident you mentioned. I am glad that Rihanna has triumphed over this, but the issue isn’t even about that any more: domestic abuse is never “okay” and the media shouldn’t be portraying it like it is when Chris hasn’t gotten his act together. The first pointer was not only missing the point, but come on, and ad hominem attack? A person’s argument stands on its own merits – it doesn’t matter who you are, and your argument is definitely valid.

    Just so you know, you’re not alone:

    • nrmurph · February 13, 2012

      Thank you for your comment. I believe in second chances also but he doesn’t deserve to be forgiven. It’s surpassed the Rihanna incident- it’s all about how he is still being glorified and allowed to grace a stage like the Grammy’s and “entertain” when everyone knows what his true colors are. He has no remorse for his actions.

      I was reading the Hello Giggles article this morning and everything was just so completely accurate.Have you also seen the compilation of tweets going around with girls saying they want him to beat them? Something is seriously wrong with society


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