A Lesson in Emotion by Grey’s Anatomy

According to reviews on entertainment sites and fan comments, most people found Thursday’s musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy to be less than stellar; comical even. To them I say: where is your soul? I actually found it to be possibly the most emotionally gripping hour of television I’ve ever seen. An hour where the music only increased my desire to release the tears building up in my eyes.

Music can heal the soul, but it can also be remind you of heartbreak and other emotions that you might not necessarily want to be reminded of. All songs selected for the episode were songs played in previous episodes and almost every can stand alone as an emotional song; but couple them with the trauma Callie has endured and the impact on those around her, you have something rare. “Song Beneath the Song” had the ability to tug on your emotions on two different levels and that’s a sign of powerful programming.

There really should be so much more praise for the episode, the writers, and the actors, most importantly Sara Ramirez, who truly stole the show. Musicals might not be for everyone, but anyone who denies the emotion behind the episode needs to admit themselves into a hospital and get their heart checked out.


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