No More Hopping for the Playboy Bunnies

The one thing that has always irked me about the entertainment industry was their emphasis on quantity over quality. It’s all about how much money a film makes at the box office rather than the substance of the content. It’s about the amount of ratings a show gets rather than what it means to the viewers on a weekly basis. We all know that money is important but is it really more important than the work itself?

NBC has just announced that they’re canceling The Playboy Club after 3 episodes. That was a grand total of roughly 135 minutes of screen time, in which I and many others I know actually enjoyed. Sure, the ratings weren’t through the roof but what non-reality show is actually breaking records these days?

Entertainment juggernauts need to realize that sometimes their content is having a much larger following on the Internet. Let’s be real, how many people in the 18-35 demographic are fighting economic strife and probably watch their television online? A lot of them. Sure, those Internet views may be done through third party sites that don’t kick back any profit through advertisements for the parent company, but their show is still being seen, talked and blogged about by countless numbers of people. The show is reaching an audience and for once, that should be acknowledged.

To cancel a show after a measly 3 episodes based on the television ratings is saddening. At least give the show a chance and find out the demographics of viewing online, the internet popularity, which is certainly high from what I’ve seen. Three episodes is just not enough time to judge potential television viewership. That’s like labeling someone stupid because they answered the first question on their SAT incorrectly.

The Playboy Club, along with every other show that gets the axe this season, serves as a reminder that the entertainment industry hasn’t quite caught up with the times and what the people are doing and enjoying. For content that is supposed to be for the fans, they surely are ignoring them.


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