When Must See TV Goes Wrong

No TV show is perfect. Every show has its own flaws or character pairing that not everyone unanimously loves. This is what makes TV appealing because you keep tuning in to see what will happen next. But what happens when you’re left feeling baffled, almost nauseated and not at all entertained? Is it time to change the channel or express your lack of interest?

This past week has reminded me of just how bad good shows can be. The plot twist on Sunday’s Dexter was so out of nowhere and disturbing that it’s no wonder Michael C. Hall wants a raise! **SPOILER ALERT** Anytime an adoptive sister starts thinking she’s in love with her brother is time to jump ship. How awkward must this be for Jennifer Carpenter and Hall when they’ve only divorced this year? More importantly, who came up with this idea?! A solid show with a heavy-hearted storyline this season just went Maury Povich on us.

Then there’s Glee – a show with the potential to be flawless, if the writers knew how to handle an ensemble cast. Balance is not in their vocabulary. Neither is continuity. Three weeks ago Quinn was a crazy 18 year old. Now she’s a sweet 17 year old. Nice to know we have met the female Benjamin Button. Santana is with Brittany but only Finn and Rachel can kiss even though he forgets she’s a vegan and she forgets that she’s Jewish. Blaine’s eyebrows get more screen time than Tina. I mean come on now! For every amazing moment Glee has, like the final ten minutes of “Hold Onto Seventeen,” there’s an “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” there to make you groan and say “Bah humbug!”

These are two highly popular shows and yet the writers are failing miserably as they cash in on their huge paychecks while not caring about the fans. They don’t have to please everyone, that’s impossible, but enough with the nonsense please. Real life is hard enough. We don’t need TV to be even more frustrating.



  1. Writer Jobs · December 14, 2011

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  2. Matthew · December 30, 2011

    I used to love Glee but felt that they didn’t give me enough Kurt, so I left. I heard that changed this past season, so maybe I’ll revisit.

    • nrmurph · January 2, 2012

      Kurt was the show’s most central character in season 2 and still is highly focused on now in season 3.

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