Thou Shall Not Play Music Over Meryl Streep

The 11th Commandment has been written:

Thou Shall Not Play Music Over Meryl Streep

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association committed a sin at last night’s Golden Globes by playing music over the phenomenal actress as she accepted her statue for Best Actress in a Drama. It’s only her 8th Golden Globe; who are they to cut into her time being utterly adorable realizing she forgot her glasses and couldn’t read her speech?  To cut Meryl off is the equivalent of interrupting God.

Aside from that, the 69th annual Globes were relatively calm and sedated, especially given that the controversial Ricky Gervais was hosting again. He managed to get a few good punches in but was completely upstaged by Madonna who fought back to her like a virgin stab by comparing him to a girl. While the show itself was tame and considered boring by the critics, it was a joy to watch because for the most part, those who deserved to win walked away with statues.

Especially deserving was Octavia Spencer for her great performance in The Help. It was heart warming to see her reaction, and that of Melissa McCarthy who cried as Octavia began her speech. Sadly, Bridesmaids didn’t win for Best Comedy or Musical, but this show proved that no creative dream is impossible as The Artist was the night’s biggest winner along with The Descendants.

Fashion was also one of the biggest winners of the night with a great variety of colors and styles walking the carpet. Even with a tough classy competition,  these ladies managed to stand out amongst the crowd:

Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale, Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, and Claire Danes.

While these dresses were just as bad as Kelly Osbourne’s hair:

Kelly Osbourne, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Piper Perabo

With Oscar nominations only 8 days away, the award season is just kicking off and the Globes were the perfect appetizer. Hopefully the Academy doesn’t break the 11th Commandment when they hand Meryl her 3rd Oscar.


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